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3 tips for cosmetic packaging designs

3 tips for cosmetic packaging designs

Jun 24, 2023

Cosmetic packaging design with the customer's corporate culture as the fundamental concept, creating their own traditional graphics, color and other elements, the separation of modern design methods, packaging materials and consumption process, pay attention to the overall packaging harmony, including appearance, color, graphics text size etc., to stop the common packaging design.


1.Packaging materials

Material is the root of the packaging, it is not only related to the form and texture of the packaging, and the protective effect of the packaging is mainly through the selection of suitable materials to complete. Cosmetic tin can packaging is a strong and durable, good sealing packaging materials, can be made into a variety of shapes and sizes of packaging containers, can be used to package all kinds of cosmetic tools and some high-end cosmetics.


2.Creative outer packaging

The design of custom cosmetic tin box is generally based on simplicity, showing only the necessary information such as logo and name, in many cases no other graphics are required. Not only do they have to meet the aesthetic criteria in the design of their appearance, but they also have to consider the impact of the forming process. The design of the internal structure of the box, includes the design of the wall thickness of the container, the design of part of the structure, the calculation of the structure design, etc.


3.Packaging usage

Round aluminum tin cans are the latest and the most common used in our daily life, because most boxed cosmetics are mainly creams which are pretty activity, so the use of tin boxes to contain and maintain the contents are more suitable. It can meet the needs of various cosmetic products.

Cosmetic tin box packaging tips are here to end, hope to help you, if the follow-up still has questions, please call to Itinbox.


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