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4 points on tin packaging design trends

4 points on tin packaging design trends

Jun 07, 2023

With the improvement of living standards, people's demand for quality of life is also getting higher and higher, when buying products no longer the single pursuit of product quality, the requirements for packaging are also getting higher and higher. So how should packaging design develop in the future and what are the development trends in the future? The following Itinbox manufacturer will give you a brief introduction.


With various industries starting to use custom tin box packaging, the design requirements for iron boxes are getting increasingly high, the design involves the positioning of the product, consumer experience, and aesthetics, etc. In 2023, the development of iron box design tends to the following points:


1. The design should be both practical and beautiful. Because the metal tin box container can be used multiple times, and the service life is relatively long, can be used as a storage box or other uses of the packaging, so the design must take into account its practicality.


2. Under Internet+, try online redesign. Now online shopping is already the norm but the way of shopping, so the custom metal tin box design should also adapt to the difference between online and offline, according to the characteristics of different marketing platforms' targeted design, which can attract the customer base of different platforms and expand the sales range.


3. Intelligent design to provide more detailed product information. With the development of the Internet, mobile clients use an increasing number of people, and now many of the packagings above the QR code, just scan the QR code, about the product details will appear, but also to verify whether it is genuine, can allow consumers to understand the full range.


4. Carry out creative forms of design. The designer can try to add some interesting ideas into the design, which can increase the customer's experience, add some interaction, which can directly catch the customer's eye and promote the iron box packaging to make the transaction, and also can increase the customer's impression.


The above is the trend of Itinbox regarding the future development of tin boxes. When designing tin boxes, we must pursue not only aesthetics but also meet the requirements of Internet online with the development of the Internet.


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