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  • Basic requirements for food tin box packaging
    Dec 13, 2022
         Nowadays, tin box packaging is more and more widely used in people’s lives, and people’s requirements for tin box packaging are becoming more and more stringent, especially food tin boxes and perfume tin boxes, which have strict production standards for iron products companies. control. Especially for the export of food tin boxes, the requirements are particularly strict.      The basic requirement for food tins is safety. As a food tin container, because it is in direct contact with food, the basic requirement of safety is to be harmless to the human body and ensure that the food meets the health regulations of various countries. Canned food for export generally meets the relevant sanitary standards of the FDA and the importing country.      The second basic requirement of food tin boxes is airtightness. Because food is usually spoiled and deteriorated due to microorganisms, food tin boxes must have reliable airtightness, so that after heating, the food can no longer be exposed to external microorganisms. Pollution.      The third basic requirement of the food tin box is corrosion resistance. A large part of the food in the food tin box has certain nutrients, organic acids and certain compounds, which will decompose during the high-temperature and high-pressure storage process, thereby aggravating the damage. Corrosion of the iron box, therefore, in order to ensure the long-term storage of food, the selected iron box must have good corrosion resistance.      The fourth basic requirement of food tin boxes is convenience. As a container for storing food, it must be convenient for consumers to carry and eat, and it must have the conditions for long-distance transportation.        The five basic requirements of food tin boxes must be suitable for industrial production. In the production process, tin boxes have to withstand various mechanical stamping, crimping, welding and other processes, and the demand is large and mass production is required, so it must be equipped with factory mechanization. , Automated production requirements, colleagues must have high efficiency, stable quality, low cost and meet the needs of modern production management.        
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