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  • 3 aspects you don't know about the advantages of tin box packaging
    Mar 30, 2023
         In recent years, tin box packaging has been widely used in food packaging, cosmetic packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, daily necessities packaging, and other fields. Among them, the tin box for food accounts for a large proportion, with the tin box for tea and the moon cake being the first. Let's understand what the advantages of using tin box packaging are.                                              1. Tin box packaging because of the unique metallic, tin layer on the surface of the tin, making the tin box has good chemical stability, good isolation of the tin material, and air contact, to prevent the tin box rust. It plays a protective role. Tin box packaging can be recycled, recycling benefits are also high, and can play a role in reducing the waste of packaging resources, protecting the environment to make a contribution.        2. Tin box packaging is beautiful and upscale, whether it is a gift or retail, and can enhance the taste. Especially in today's society, gift giving is becoming more and more important to the packaging of gifts, beautiful, atmospheric, upscale gift metal tin box has become the only choice, and the reason why tin box packaging products can do this, is mainly because of the tin box packaging shape is varied, beautiful printing more show the grade of the products inside, in line with the needs of modern consumers gift giving.        3. Tin box packaging can protect items better than paper or plastic packaging. Tin box packaging hardness is relatively large, can effectively protect the product inside, and convenient for transportation is not easy to break. This is more advantageous than paper or plastic packaging, which is also the packaging of other materials can not do.    
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