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Tinplate can trends and reasons

Tinplate can trends and reasons

Jun 21, 2023

Due to the continuous development of  economy, product quality and packaging are becoming increasingly strict, high-end cardboard packaging products were particularly popular. The packaging cost of many high-end products will be higher than the product price. Generally speaking, high-end products such as white wine, biscuits, and candies are the most afraid of getting wet in the sun. They are very fragile and easily catch fire. So, they use thick cardboard to wrap one layer at a time, resulting in high packaging costs. Then many food companies have transformed to use tin cans, which are packaged to prevent moisture and natural changes such as high temperatures, sunlight, bacteria, and pressure. However, tin can packaging machines are high-end and affordable. What are the advantages of an tin can?


Nowadays, whether in supermarkets or many small shops, even boutiques, there are many tin cans for packaging, such as mooncake metal tin cans, tea tin cans, candy mint tin cans, and so on. Whether it is food, gifts or various cosmetics, more and more manufacturers are using Tinning cans.


The tin can is made of environmentally friendly materials. It combines the strength and formability of steel with the corrosion resistance, solderability, and aesthetic appearance of tin in a single material, with the characteristics of corrosion resistance, non-toxic, high strength, and good ductility. Originally, Tinning has its unique advantages, and we have a big advantage in raw materials. It is opaque and has good sealing performance.


It can completely isolate environmental factors Closed system, and color avoiding food will change due to poor light, oxygen, humidity and other conditions, and will not fade due to fragrance passing through the external smell or change the smell of food through pollution. The stability of stored food is better than that of packaging materials. The preservation rate of vitamin C is the highest, and the preservation of nutrients is the best.


There is a layer of edible ink in the Tinning, which is quite safe for our food. Edible grade ink, can be tested by the US FDA, SGS, etc., and can come into direct contact with food.


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