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What do I need to make custom smoke trays?

What do I need to make custom smoke trays?

Nov 10, 2023

Smoking tray is one of the essential accessories for smokers to make smoking more elegant, comfortable and fun. For smokers, a good smoking rolling tray not only enhances the smoking experience, but also shows off one's personal taste and status. Therefore, increasingly more people are choosing to custom weed rolling tray to meet their needs and preferences. So, what does it take to customize a smoking tray? Let's find out step by step.

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1.First, choose the right material

The choice of material for the plain rolling tray is very important, directly related to the quality and service life of the smoking tray. Generally speaking, the material of blank metal rolling tray can be divided into plastic, metal, wood, ceramic and glass. Among them, due to the tinplate material is more tough, strong and heat-resistant. Therefore, it becomes the first choice for customized cigarette trays.


2.Design the appearance of the tray

Another important part of customized designs rolling trays is to design the appearance of the rolling tray. Generally speaking, the design of smoking trays includes color, texture, pattern and shape. During the design process, you need to choose the appropriate design elements according to your own preferences and needs.

In terms of color, the color of the smoking tray can match with the personality of the smoker, the interior decorative style of the car and so on. Texture and pattern, the weed tray can use a variety of different textures and patterns, such as animal prints, geometric patterns, floral patterns and so on. In terms of shape, the shape of the smoking tray can be round, square, oval and other different options.

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3.Choose the right size

Choose the right size according to your needs. Generally speaking, the size of the smoking tray can be divided into small, medium and large and so on. Small smoking trays are generally suitable for smokers to use in the car, can be placed in the car near the ashtray; medium-sized tobacco trays are generally suitable for home or office use; large metal rolling trays are generally suitable for public places or car use.

Therefore, when choosing the size, you can choose the right size according to your own use occasions.


4. Choose the appropriate accessories

Smoking trays can also be based on the needs of the choice of suitable accessories, such as ashtrays, lighters, cigarette cases and so on. These accessories can not only improve the convenience of smoking, but also make smoking more interesting.


The above are a few aspects of customized smoking trays that need to be considered, and we hope that the above content can help you. You can customize your own smoking tray according to your own needs and preferences to meet your own needs.

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