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What purposes do the tin box hinged lid serve?

What purposes do the tin box hinged lid serve?

Nov 29, 2023

Hinged tin box is a box with a hinge structure, usually made of tinplate. This design makes it easier to open and close the box without having to completely remove the lid. Here are some common uses for hinged tin boxes:


Storage of small items: Tin box with hinged lid can be used to store various small items, such as jewelry, coins, pins, etc. The hinge design makes opening and closing more convenient without losing the cover

Gift Box: This type of box is often used as a gift box, especially for wrapping exquisite gifts. They add a special touch to a gift and can be repurposed as a storage box when needed.

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Stationery box: The hinged tin box can be used as a stationery box to store pencils, erasers, rulers and other stationery. The hinge structure makes it easy to open and close the box when needed.


Pill boxes: Some hinged lid tin case are designed as small pill boxes that can conveniently carry some commonly used medications. This design helps maintain the freshness and safety of medications


Safe: Larger hinged tin boxes can also be used as small safes to store important documents, jewelry and other valuables. The hinge structure provides a certain amount of security.


Handicraft display: Since hinged iron boxes usually have an exquisite appearance, they can also be used as handicraft display boxes to display precious handmade products or collectibles.

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Tobacco Box: Some hinged lid tobacco tin boxes are designed as tobacco boxes for storing cigarettes and lighters. This design keeps the cigarettes fresh and provides a level of protection.


Tool box: A larger, sturdy hinged tin box can be used as a tool box to store some commonly used tools, such as screwdrivers, wrenches, etc.


The above are just the common uses of hinged iron boxes. In fact, the application areas of hinged tin boxes can vary depending on the design and size. If necessary, you can contact Itinbox to design an tin box with hinge exclusively for you.

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