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3 advantages of tea tin packaging

3 advantages of tea tin packaging

Mar 23, 2023

     Nowadays, metal tin box packaging is widely used in many filed, like the tea tin box and coffee tin can, they are favored by people because not only its variety of custom printing on the tin surface, brings good gloss and beautiful high-end effect, but also the tin box has good compatibility and durability, its very suitable for storage. Traditionally, there are many different packaging methods, like paper box and plastic box, but the tin box has became the first choice for tea and coffee packaging, so lets see these benefits of tin box.




1:Good airtightnes

     As we know the tea leaves are easily to go bad if exposed in the air for long time, so the airtight sealing is the first key for tea storing, the tin box has a low oxygen transmission rate which can effectively block the air and protect the tea.


2:Good reducibility

     The tin will react with the oxygen remaining in the box when under seal, it can reduce the chance of oxidation of nutrients in tea leaves and prolong the storage life.


3:The opacity

     Light can easily cause deterioration reactions of tea leaves and food quality, especially the fresh green tea. The opacity of the tin box brings higher preservation rate of the tea. and maintaining the original flavor and color of the tea.


     Based on the above three points, obviously tin box and tin can are the first choice for tea and coffee packaging

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