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3 application fields of tin packaging

3 application fields of tin packaging

Jun 15, 2023

With the improvement and perfection of tinplate printing technology and processing technology, the application of tinplate packaging is getting widely used. The Tinplate packaging industry demand continues to expand, tinplate packaging in quantity as well as quality has put forward higher requirements. Tinplate packaging entered a new period of growth opportunities and the continued rapid development of various industries for the tinplate packaging industry to bring a broad market space for development. Tinplate main application areas those?


1.Cosmetic tin box packaging: Cosmetic tin box packaging will be coated with a layer of raw materials such as epoxy resin, phenolic resin, and other harmless coatings, cosmetics do not pollute, are harmless to humans, and have good corrosion resistance, can prevent cosmetics in the oil, medium deterioration, so as to effectively protect the quality of cosmetics is not easy to deformation, with shock resistance, fire resistance, can be high-temperature performance


2.Tea tin box packaging: Tea is made by frying the buds and leaves of the tea tree, once the moisture will be qualitative changes, the aroma of the tea itself is also prone to volatility, moisture, temperature and humidity, light, oxygen, and other environmental factors require more, so the storage of the container used, the method is more delicate. Tinplate cans meet these requirements. The tin can packaging sealing is relatively strong, the can body is also relatively thick, insulation and preservation of good functionality, it is completely isolated from the impact of environmental factors, will avoid color food quality change due to light, oxygen, moisture, and will not be due to aroma spillage and fade or environmental odor pollution and tasteless, so the stability of tea storage is better than other packaging materials.


3.Food tin can packaging: tin cans packaging food, is good for the human body, tin cans of food, except for a few light-colored fruit and fruit juice cans, most of the use of the interior of the painted empty cans to improve the corrosion resistance characteristics of the container. Because of the electrochemical effect of metal, painted cans of canned food in storage will have a small amount of iron leaching, in the form of divalent iron in sealed canned food, easily absorbed by the human body, the content of about 1 to 9 ppm. because of these properties, so tin cans provide a stationery tin cans in addition to heat, completely isolated from environmental factors of the closed system, to avoid color food deterioration due to light, oxygen, moisture, but also The stability of food storage is better than other packaging materials, and the preservation rate of vitamin C is the highest, and the preservation of nutrients is also the best.


In addition, it still offers another advantage, that is, environmentally friendly tin cans can be recycled, in line with international environmental requirements, in line with future product packaging trends, tin boxes are safer compared to paper packaging.


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