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5 tips about metal coffee tin box production

5 tips about metal coffee tin box production

Oct 25, 2023

Coffee, as one of the world's top three beverages, is widely popular, and good packaging is essential. Nowadays, coffee tin box packaging is becoming increasingly popular in the market. Compared to traditional paper and plastic packaging, tin boxes are known for their durability, eco-friendliness, recyclability, corrosion resistance, and strong sealing properties. So, do you know how customized metal coffee tin boxes are produced from factories?

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Design and mold confirmation: Firstly, you need to communicate with the manufacturer or design team to determine the size of the customized metal coffee tin box you want, whether the existing molds meet your requirements or new molds need to be developed. At the same time, the color, printing patterns, and other details will be discussed and confirmed. The manufacturer can also provide assistance in designing according to your ideas.


Samples production: Before mass production, samples will usually be made for your approval. This ensures that the produced metal coffee tin boxes meet your requirements. If you are satisfied with the samples, the manufacturer will proceed with large-scale production.

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Tinplate printing: Once the sample is approved, the manufacturer will start printing on the tinplate sheets of the coffee can using printing machines. Four-color or Pantone color technology is commonly used for printing. Additionally, special treatments such as spray painting or hot stamping can be applied to the tinplate sheets based on your needs.


Mass production: The manufacturer will use professional equipment and techniques to cut the tinplate sheets into the required shapes and perform processes such as forming and welding according to your specifications. This step requires experienced workers and efficient production lines to complete.

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Quality inspection and packaging: Before leaving the factory, the metal coffee tin cans will undergo batch quality inspections by the manufacturer to ensure there are no defects. Then, the cans will be appropriately packaged to protect them from damage during transportation.

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