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7 steps to customize a candy tin

7 steps to customize a candy tin

May 13, 2023

1.Identify the candy tin box size: First, determine the size, including the length, width, and height, to ensure that the box can accommodate the amount of candy you need to package.


2.Design the box style: You choose different box shapes and structures, such as square, round, heart-shaped, etc. Select the most suitable style according to your requirements.


3. Select the material of the box: Tin box which is a common material of candy tin case ensures the freshness and quality of the candy, and also protects the candy well from damage. You can choose different materials for iron boxes, such as tin, aluminum, etc.


4. Set the color and pattern of the box: You decide the right color and pattern according to your brand image and product positioning. If you need to print the brand logo or other patterns, you can print or affix labels on the tin box.


5. Find the suitable manufacturer: You can search or ask other people to find manufacturers who produce candy tin packaging, then communicate with them and tell them your demands and requirements.


6. Check the sample and place the order: Once you decide on the box style, material, color, and pattern, you can provide your design to the manufacturer and ask for a sample to be made to confirm the quality and appearance. After confirming the sample, you can place an order to produce a custom tin box.


7. Waiting for production and delivery: Once you place your order, the manufacturer who produces the tin box will start making the custom box and deliver it when it is finished. You can choose different shipping methods to receive your products according to your needs.


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