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Advantages of tin box in tea packaging

Advantages of tin box in tea packaging

Jul 26, 2023

Nowadays, more and more teas are packed in beautiful tin boxes as holiday gifts. Now, let me tell you the wonderful thing about tea tin boxes for tea.


Tea should be properly preserved and kept fresh. The colour of your tea will never change due to excess heat, odour, moisture, air, light and other factors. An airtight container is important to keep your tea fresh and it should be stored in a dark, odourless, moisture-free environment. Room temperature has little effect on most teas. Also, packaging can affect the tea. Airtight tea tin boxes can be fresher and sealed much better than plastic bags packaged in wooden boxes.


The design of the tea tin box packaging can be different according to the appearance of the product. People will also pay much attention to the matching of the tea box. In order to meet the value of the product, different types of tea box packaging can be designed. For example, in addition to the diversity of colour patterns and matches, the shapes and sizes of the tea boxes can also be designed to be personalised. These packages include long, square, round and special shapes that can be designed and manufactured according to customer requirements. Tea tin box gift packages can also be designed and customised according to different uses, festivals, ethnic cultures and other factors.


High-quality tea tin box surface is smooth, no impurities, no foreign matter, smooth texture by hand, custom printed tea tin boxes, the surface of the screen is clear, layered, neat layout, clear handwriting, no deformation, no overprinting, no messy scratching, no hot ink, no impurities and other phenomena. Tea box after cleaning the surface should be no oil stains, no impurities, or foreign objects in the tea box, in order to prevent a second scratch damage, each tea box should be packed in PP plastic bags. Ensure the quality of iron box packaging products.


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