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  • How to retain the aroma of tea leaves
    Apr 07, 2023
         Do you like to drink tea? Are you still worried about how to store your tea leaves? There’re some tips for you to retain the aroma of tea leaves, hope it’s helpful for you                                       Freshness      Tea leaves may lose their flavor in two or three months if they are not stored well. So how to keep tea leaves fresh? We need to store loose tea in an airtight wood, glass, or tin container. Also need to avoid direct sunlight. Wooden boxes and glass jars usually heavier than tin container and most glass jars are transparent, so in comparison, the tea tin canister is a more suitable choice to store tea leaves.   Suitable Size      If you are a tea lover and like to buy different teas, maybe you’ll prefer to buy one big size metal tin box to storage these tea leaves together.However, I think this is not o good idea. If storage different teas in one container, the flavors of different teas will blend with each other and the original flavor of the tea will be lost. So we can try to buy some small tea tin box to hold different teas separately and reduce contact with air to ensure freshness of tea and retain the aroma of tea leaves.   Good Airtight      It is important to retain the aroma of the tea leaves, so we need to choose one tea tin box with good airtight so that it can offer one airtight environment to prolong the freshness of your tea.Looking for the tea tin box with double lid or metal closure can meet your requirements.
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  • Three important tips for storing loose tea
    Apr 07, 2023
         For tea lovers, how to store tea leaves is a great concern for them. Proper storage can prolong the freshness of your tea and get more out of each cup. While there are many different storage options for loose tea, here we will focus on the benefits of tea tin boxes. We will show you the benefits of using tea tin boxes in several dimensions and share with you tips for selecting a tea tin packaging.                                 Convenient      Tea tin can are handy little storage containers that keep tea leaves in an easy to reach place. And compared to porcelain cans or wooden boxes, tea tin cans are lighter in weight and it’s convenient for us to carry when go out. And we can use different sizes and designs tin box to hold different loose tea,such black tea, green tea, flower tea, and so on. You can paste the label on the tin box so that you can better distinguish which tea leaves are in which tins easily and convenient to pick up.Moreover, tea tin box can stack one by one, save more space.   Durable      The material of tea tin is food grade tinplates, it’s more durable than wooden box and glass jars. When we accidentally knock over the tea cans in cleaning or other situations resulting in a fall, it will be more resistant to falls and safer.   Large opening      There is nothing like buying a tea tin box with nice designs only to find that it is a pain to remove anything from it. Looking for a tea tin with a large opening that is large enough to easily accommodate a spoon or your hands. This will make it easier to dispense the right amount of tea leaves without wasting precious tea leaves.
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  • 5 steps to understand the production process of tin boxes
    Apr 07, 2023
         Tin boxes are also called tin cans, which are one of our common packaging boxes, such as tea tin boxes, gift tin boxes, coffee tin cans, mooncake tin boxes, etc.The tin box is made of tinplate. which is also known as tin-plated thin steel, also known as tin-plated iron. It has a very good anti-corrosion and anti-rust effect, and it is easy to print and printed beautifully, which is why it is preferred by more and more customers. So,Do you understand the production process of tinplate boxes? Each tin can is completed step by step from tinplate printing - cutting - stamping - assembly - packaging.                                 1.Tinplate: Generally, after confirming an order, the company's purchasing department will arrange to order the most suitable iron for that particular product. Often the factory will also stock the iron directly.   2. Printing: the design department will provide the layout to the printer, and the whole process of tracking whether the printing and color mixing to keep up with the sample, whether the register is accurate, whether there are stains, whether there are scars   3. Cutting: Printed iron material back to the factory can be arranged to cut open material, to pay attention to see whether the operating workers according to the knife line to cut, whether the length of the combined, even. Workers in the release of material whether scratch each other, etc., to the initial operation of the work station to keep the quality.   4. Stamping: press the iron sheet into shape on the machine, this is the most important work of making cans, usually a can has to be divided into many processes to complete. The most general process is: lid: open material flying edge - roll line. Bottom lid: Open material flying edge - Pre-rolling line Rolling line   5. Packaging: After the tin box is finished production, the packaging department is responsible for cleaning and assembly. The corresponding packaging should be provided according to the customer's needs. The process should be noted is to reduce the inflow of inferior products into the finished product as far as possible, the number of boxes must be accurate.
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  • How to judge the quality of tea tin box packaging
    Dec 13, 2022
         Tea is generally packaged in tin boxes. In addition to looking more beautiful, the exquisite tin box packaging is more high-end and atmospheric. When people buy tea, they not only pay attention to the quality of the tea, but also pay attention to the quality of the tin box. A high-quality tin box will add color to the tea. How to judge the quality of tin box customization? The following editor will introduce a few identification methods for you.      Method one: smell the tin box for any peculiar smell. The tea tin box is generally made of tin plate, the packaging material has no peculiar smell, good moisture resistance, strong sealing, and can reduce contact with air. Tin-iron alloy made of tin-plated iron alloy has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, non-toxicity, high strength, and good elongation. It has become the main material for making tea tin boxes, so it can also be called Macu tin box tea packaging.      Method two, look at the sealing effect of the tin box. The sealing effect of the tea tin box should not be ignored. Tea leaves need to be sealed and stored. If exposed for a long time, it will easily affect the quality of the tea. Therefore, when choosing a tea packaging box, you also need to consider the sealing effect of the tea inner packaging. There are many types of tea tin boxes, and Chinese tea culture has a long history. People are very particular about tea. For some high-end tea, the type of packaging box needs to be selected to achieve the effect of tea opening. Tea tin box packaging is the first choice.      Method three, look at the color, look at the weight. Generally speaking, the tea iron on the top can be polished with silver and bright colors, and you can see the light and dark texture effects of black, white and gray, so that the tin products are exquisite and colorful. It is a kind of fine tin utensils. In addition, you can also see the sealing of the bottle cap, the tin made of pure iron cans has good sealing performance, and the sealing effect can be achieved by using the outer cap. Look at the weight of the tea iron box. Two tin cans of the same size are heavier and heavier. Iron cans are mixed with other metals (such as lead) and are heavier than pure tin cans.  
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