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Three important tips for storing loose tea

Three important tips for storing loose tea

Apr 07, 2023

     For tea lovers, how to store tea leaves is a great concern for them. Proper storage can prolong the freshness of your tea and get more out of each cup. While there are many different storage options for loose tea, here we will focus on the benefits of tea tin boxes. We will show you the benefits of using tea tin boxes in several dimensions and share with you tips for selecting a tea tin packaging.


                          Tea tin box packaging  Tea tin can packaging



     Tea tin can are handy little storage containers that keep tea leaves in an easy to reach place. And compared to porcelain cans or wooden boxes, tea tin cans are lighter in weight and it’s convenient for us to carry when go out. And we can use different sizes and designs tin box to hold different loose tea,such black tea, green tea, flower tea, and so on. You can paste the label on the tin box so that you can better distinguish which tea leaves are in which tins easily and convenient to pick up.Moreover, tea tin box can stack one by one, save more space.



     The material of tea tin is food grade tinplates, it’s more durable than wooden box and glass jars. When we accidentally knock over the tea cans in cleaning or other situations resulting in a fall, it will be more resistant to falls and safer.


Large opening

     There is nothing like buying a tea tin box with nice designs only to find that it is a pain to remove anything from it. Looking for a tea tin with a large opening that is large enough to easily accommodate a spoon or your hands. This will make it easier to dispense the right amount of tea leaves without wasting precious tea leaves.

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