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Five things about rolling trays custom printing

Five things about rolling trays custom printing

Mar 30, 2023

     Metal smoking rolling trays will provide reliability and durability for the next few years. For smokers, rolling trays will give you a clean work area, but beautiful and high quality rolling trays will make your product more valuable. So, do you know how those beautiful designs are printed on rolling trays? However, this article will introduce you that 6 things you may not know about rolling trays custom printing.

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     1. Four color printing and Pantone printing, it is to use CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) overprint out of the needed color. Generally speaking, it is using these four colors of different overlays to get the needed color. As long as the color gradient is four-color overprinting out. Four-color printing is the use of dot overlay out, with a magnifying glass you can see the different colors of the dot. Four-color printing is also known as CMYK printing method. Pantone printing is a printing process that uses yellow, magenta, cyan and black ink other than four-color ink to replicate the original color. Packaging printing is often used in spot-color printing process to print large areas of the base color. Pantone printing is a single color, no gradient, the pattern is field, with a magnifying glass can not see the dot. (Generally speaking, Pantone printing costs slightly more.)

What are the differences between the two printing visual effects:

Pantone printing color brightness is lower and saturation is higher; uniform ink color spot color block is usually printed in the field, to properly increase the amount of ink. When the layout ink layer thickness is larger, the sensitivity of the change in ink thickness to color changes will be reduced, so it is easier to get a uniform ink color, thick printing effect.


     2. Gold and silver printing, it means to tinplate with a gold luster, usually used in the bottom of the weed smoking rolling tray, silver printing has good color retention performance and can make the color contrast rich, usually used inside the tin box


     3. Matte and glossy, The difference between matte and glossy is that their reflectivity is different: Matte printing reflectivity is low, the light blur is not obvious, the light is emitted to all sides around, the light is soft! Not harsh! Glossy printing reflective effect is good, high reflectivity, light is clear and bright! Feeling bright!


     4. White ink and white porcelain, White ink has a translucent tin effect, and you can see the metallic grain. White porcelain impervious to metallic, more vivid and fuller printing patterns.


     5.Imposition and exclusive, Imposition printing is several products put together on a page printing, such a printing method can only meet the needs of ordinary users. It refers to multiple files typesetting in the same CTP to print, these several files share the cost of this batch of prints, so the cost of imposition printing is quite favorable. However, the delivery time cannot be predetermined, because we have to wait for enough files to put together a CTP version before we can arrange for publication and printing. Exclusive printing means that the product is printed separately on the machine. Mainly for a product to choose the suitable paper, ink, color mixing, etc., for exclusive printing. Exclusive printing can control delivery time and can help customers improve production efficiently. However, the cost of exclusive printing will be high compared to imposition printing. If the file color is more complex, the printing quality requirements are higher, and the printing quantity is larger, it is recommended to choose exclusive printing.


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