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How to make the waste tea tin boxes into treasure

How to make the waste tea tin boxes into treasure

May 20, 2023

There are especially many people who like to drink tea in life, think that this tea can cultivate the body, but also cool and quench thirst. But every time we finish drinking tea, the tea tin packaging will be useless, many people will just give him away. But in fact, this tea tin box it also has a lot of some good uses, specific how to use? Let's give you a good explanation.


We can use it as a chopstick bucket. But must remember to brush it especially clean, and then our commonly used chopsticks are placed inside. Because of the height of this tea tin container, it is especially suitable for putting chopsticks. After each time we wash the chopsticks, we will directly put them down with the head facing upwards. Then the top part of this head can also be well-air-dried. The material of the iron is also special. Even if there is water in it, it can be dried quickly and no moldy chopsticks will happen.


It can be used as a vase. That like the home has a lot of this decorative flowers, or we bought some of this hydroponic flowers, but there is no vase at home. At this time, this tin tea box will come in handy. Because the size of the tin tea box is very suitable. No matter what kind of flowers are inserted, it is particularly beautiful, and to a certain extent, there is a certain effect of decorating the interior space.


You can store some sharp things. For example, scissors, and some knives. Because usually we put in some other storage space inside, it may be easy to get hurt. And this tin tea box is made of tin, and even if there are some knife tips, will not be the box to scratch, so the storage is also relatively safe. Do not worry about hurting people, because there may be people who store these things especially carelessly, directly thrown in a place on the line. But this kind of thing closed especially strong, a careless is easy to be injured. After the injury, the consequences of this are particularly serious.


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