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6 steps you should know about making tin boxes

6 steps you should know about making tin boxes

Sep 21, 2023

Many customers contact the tin box for the first time, will ask us how the is it made, and customers who often do tin boxes will understand the making process. In order to satisfy curious customers, the following are the 6 steps of making tin boxes sorted out by Itinbox manufacturer.


1. Basic needs

When communicating with customers for the first time, we will ask the customer's box sizes, shapes, applications, quantity, designs and other basic requirements, with these basic information can be integrated to give customers a quotation and accurate price.

Under normal circumstances, we will send customers samples according to the customer's requirements, and then further communicate about the designs after the customer's confirmation. Usually, the custom printed tin box can be designed by the tin box manufacturer or customers themselves. Of course, we will give customers appropriate suggestions based on years of experience.


2. Tin box proofing

Of course, not all customers need to make samples, some customers directly do mass production. So, why proofing? After the customer confirms the design draft, he wants to know what the box really looks like, which is also to determine whether the printed product is the correct, and can be adjusted when making bulk production.


3. Tin box opening mold

This is a very important project, some customers newly developed products or need the same size, tin box manufacturers will first provide if the similar size is OK, if not, it will open the mold.

After figuring out the customer's product, the box manufacturer will give the customer some suggestions on the structure of the box which is suitable for his product, If the customer wants to open the mold, but also need to open the mold, the two can be carried out at the same time.


4. Typesetting and printing

There are two kinds of typesetting and printing, patchwork and the special edition. If the quantity is large, choose a special edition, and print a product on tinplate, so that the time will be shorter than the composition.

If the number is small, choose a patchwork, and other products on a piece of tinplate, the time will be relatively long, because we have to find the right product to spell with it. Therefore, we generally tell customers that customization will take 20-30 days, because it takes a little time to typeset and print.


5. Tin box production

After the layout and printing is done, it is time to make the tin box. Each sheet of tinplate has to go through cutting - stamping - packaging, thats are the whole process.


6. Check out the warehouse

After the production is done, the relevant QC personnel will conduct quality inspection before delivery. Regarding transportation, you can choose your own appointed forwarder or entrust to the manufacturer completely.


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