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How to test the quality of tin box packaging

How to test the quality of tin box packaging

Jun 27, 2023

With the rapid development of the market, metal tin box packaging is increasingly popular, so how to go about choosing a suitable packaging tin box? Itinbox® offers you the following suggestions.


Material quality: A nice tin box ought to be made of high quality tinplate material, which is strong and durable and not easy to rust or corrode. The quality of this material can be initially assessed by observing whether the appearance is smooth and even, without obvious flaws or scratches, and by whether it feels solid and stable to the touch.


Welding process: Welding is one of the key steps in making tin boxes. A good tin box should have solid welded joints with no obvious cracks or leakage of welds. You can check the joints of the box body to observe whether the welding is solid and check whether there is any residue of welding slag or unevenness.


Lid and sealing performance: The lid of the airtight metal tin boxes should fit perfectly to the box body and have a good sealing performance. When the lid is closed, a certain amount of resistance should be felt and there should be no obvious looseness or shaking. In addition, the lid can be gently pressed by hand to check that a certain airtightness can be felt.


Colour and coating: Custom printed metal tin boxes usually feature an even, long-lasting coating, and are bright and colorful. You can observe whether the coating on the surface of the box is even and free from blistering, flaking, or scratching.


Using experience: a decent tin box should be convenient and practical in use. The lid opens and closes smoothly and is easy to operate; the capacity is moderate and can hold the required items; the overall structure is stable and not easily tilted or deformed. You can try opening and closing the box, as well as placing some items into it, to test the ease of use and stability.


In addition to the above, you can also refer to reviews and feedback from other users to get an idea of the quality and durability of a particular brand or model of tinplate box. When purchasing, choose a reputable and well-established brand and ensure that the purchasing channel is reliable to ensure that you get a high quality tin box.


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