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Types and differences of tea tin box

Types and differences of tea tin box

Jun 28, 2023

Tea tin cans are one of the important containers for tea storage, which can effectively protect the quality and aroma of tea leaves. They come in many different types and uses, and there are some premium tea cans, they are usually made of first grade tinplate materials, such as frosted iron, tin-plated iron, etc., and are relatively expensive. These iron cans have better sealing and insulation properties, which can better protect the quality and aroma of tea leaves. Let's take a look at the differences between them.


1. according to the shape classification

There are a wide variety of tea tin cans, the common ones are round, square, trapezoidal, rectangular, etc. These shapes of tea tin can be selected according to different storage needs. For example, rectangular tea tin cans can better store tea leaves in strips, while round tea tin cans can better store loose tea.


2.Classified by lid 

Tea tin cans can also be divided into three types: inner plug lid, hinged lid and heaven and earth lid. Tea tin with inner lid is usually used for storing drier teas, such as pu-erh tea and black tea. The tea tin with hinged lid is suitable for storing relatively moist tea, such as green tea and flower tea. The tea tin with heaven and earth lid can better maintain the fragrance and quality of tea leaves, which is suitable for storing high-grade famous tea.


3.Classification according to structure

Tea tin cans can be divided into single lid structure and double lids structure. Single lid structure tea tin cans are usually lighter and suitable for carrying and storing ordinary tea leaves. The double lid tea tin cans has better heat preservation and sealing performance, which is suitable for storing high-grade tea that needs better protection.


Overall, there is a wide range of tea tin cans, and you can choose different tea tin boxes according to the type of tea and storage needs. No matter what type of tea tin you choose, it is important to ensure that they are airtight and moisturizing to ensure the quality and taste of the tea. We hope this article will be helpful for you to better understand the types and differences of tea tin cans.


          Rectangular tea tin boxes Round tea tin cans

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