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The advantages of tin stationery boxes over the paper one

The advantages of tin stationery boxes over the paper one

Apr 15, 2023

     Most of the common stationery boxes on the market are made of metal, fabric, and wood, but the best-selling ones are still made of tinplate, like the pencil tin box, tin pencil holder, do you know why? Today to talk about the advantages of tinplate stationery boxes.

               Tin pencil holder Tin pencil box


     1. Robust and durable: Tinplate stationery boxes are made of sturdy and unbreakable material, which can better protect stationery from damage. Especially during outdoor activities or travel, it can effectively prevent stationery from being broken or affected by other external factors.


     2. Waterproof and moisture-proof: tinplate stationery boxes have good sealing and waterproof performance, which can effectively prevent stationery from being affected by moisture or water immersion, ensuring the stationery is dry and safe.


     3. Hygienic and easy to clean: tinplate stationery boxes can effectively prevent dust, bacteria and other impurities from entering, keeping the stationery hygienic. And the tinplate stationery box has a smooth surface, easy to clean, and can often keep the stationery clean.


     4. Beautiful and practical: tinplate stationery boxes have a variety of styles, beautiful and generous appearance, which can meet the personalised needs of different children. The tinplate stationery box has a layered design, which makes it more practical to store stationery in categories.


     In short, tinplate stationery boxes are more robust, waterproof, hygienic, easy to clean and aesthetically practical than paper boxes, and therefore have more advantages in terms of protecting stationery and enhancing the experience of using it.

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