Tin smoking rolling tray

  • Notes on custom printed rolling tray
    Nov 01, 2023
    Printing is an important process in the production of tinplate pallets, which is directly related to the aesthetics and quality of the product. So, what problems need to be paid attention to when carrying out rolling tray printing? 1.Choose the right factory:  Look for an experienced and professional custom metal rolling tray factory. You can evaluate the reliability and printing quality of the factory by referring to the word of mouth, checking the factory's qualifications and certificates, and reading customer reviews.   2. Understand printing technology and capabilities: Fully understand the printing technology and capabilities of the factory to ensure they can meet your printing needs. Ask the smoking rolling tray manufacturer if they can offer the relevant equipment and experience in metal tray printing.   3. Provide clear design documentation: Before customizing metal smoking tray, please make sure the design documents you provide to the factory are accurate and clear. Include the correct size, pattern, color and any special requirements. Make sure the design files meet the factory's printing requirements.   4. Sample confirmation: Before formal printing, ask the factory to provide samples for confirmation. Make sure the printing effect, color and quality of the samples are consistent with your requirements.   5. Negotiate prices and delivery times: To communicate in detail with the factory sales counterpart to negotiate the printing price and delivery time. Make sure that both parties are clear about the price of printing, payment methods, delivery time and so on. Make sure that the relevant terms are clearly agreed upon in the contract.   6. Coordinate communication: Maintain good communication with factories to keep abreast of order progress, payment status and delivery time of customized tobacco trays. Make sure you can contact the factory at any time to solve any potential problems.   7. Quality control: During the printing process, ensure that the factory carries out strict quality control. Quality assurance and inspection reports can be requested from the factory to ensure that the quality of the printed rolling trays meets your requirements.   8. After-sales service: Understand the factory's after-sales service policy and support. Ensure that the factory is able to resolve any quality problems or other after-sales issues that may arise in a timely manner.   By considering the above considerations, you can better collaborate with your factory for metal smoking tray printing and ensure a smooth and successful printing process.
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  • Rolling tray, roll your life
    Feb 22, 2023
         Nowadays, more and more conutries have legalised the recreational use of cannabis, such as USA, Canada, UK, Germany and so on... When we smoking, canabis can bring us joy and make us relax, this good entertainment has becoming more and more popular in young people, especially in parties and smoking shop, so the smoking business also rise rapidly, there a lot related smoking accessories like the rolling paper, grinder, lighter also the hottest rolling tray.      Usually the rolling tray is made by 0.35mm thickness tinplate, compare the wooden, plastic or glass material, its very durable and  recycleable, also its pretty portable that you can take it when go out for travel or camping, you can get joy at anytime and anywhere.      The rolling tray it supports any customization, due to the tinplate, you can print any logo or pattern on both front and back side,  so that will be more luxury and personalized, if you are doing the rolling tray business, that also make your product more competitive.      As 10 years experience rolling tray manufacturer, usually we do rolling tray wholesale with custom service for our clients come from all over the world, due to the factory we have many advantages like here the moq is only 500pcs for custom logo, we will provide you very competitve EXW price, and with our free dust packing room and international QC standrads, we will promise you the best quality.          
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