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Uncovering the production of customized tea tin can factory

Uncovering the production of customized tea tin can factory

Nov 02, 2023

In this fast-paced era, people are paying increasing attention to quality and taste, and tea tasting has become an indispensable part of many people's daily lives. With this, the requirements for tea packaging are also getting stronger and stronger. An outstanding customized tea canister factory not only needs to have exquisite craftsmanship and excellent quality, but also needs to have innovative thinking and provide personalized customized service for customers. So, how does such a factory produce custom tea tin cans? This article will reveal it for you.

Tea tin with double lid Tea tin with lock


1. Design

First of all, the factory will work with customers to understand their needs and requirements. They will discuss the design of the metal tea tin can with the customers, including size, shape, color, pattern and so on.


2. Material Selection

According to the requirements of customers, the factory will choose suitable materials to make tea container. Usually, the tea cans are made of food-grade tinplate material, because of its good sealing, oxidation resistance and unique texture and feel.

Tea tin with slip lid Tea tin box manufacturer


3. Manufacturing process:

The manufacturing of metal tea tin box usually includes the following steps:

   - Cutting: The iron material is cut into the desired shape and size according to the design requirements.

   - Bending and molding: the cut iron sheets are bent into the shape of tea cans by machine or by hand.

   - Welding: Weld the bent iron pieces to ensure the structure of the tea cans is solid.

   - Surface treatment: Surface treatment of tea cans, such as sanding, painting, etc., to increase its appearance and anti-rust properties.

   - Printing: Printing on the tea cans according to the design provided by the customer to show the brand or product information.

   - Assembling and Packing: Assemble the parts of the tea canisters together and pack them to ensure that they are not damaged during transportation and storage.


4. Quality control

Outstanding customized tea tin packaging factories will carry out strict quality control, including checking the quality of materials, every step in the manufacturing process, and the quality of the final product. They will make sure the tea tin box meet customers' requirements and have good sealing performance and durability.


In a word, outstanding customized tea cans factory not only needs careful design, rigorous material selection and exquisite manufacturing process, but also attentive service in order to produce high quality tea tin cans to meet customer's needs and requirements and win customer's trust.

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