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What Size Rolling Tray Do I Need

What Size Rolling Tray Do I Need

Oct 10, 2023

Rolling cannabis has a reasonably recent but storied history. Before people started rolling plants such as tobacco in the 1700s with the first rolling papers, cannabis flower and concentrates were consumed via pipes or edible methods.


The first reports of people tin rolling cannabis using papers were during the mid-1800s when workers were documented as mixing cannabis in tobacco cigarettes. Since the mid-1800s, rolling has become a staple in the cannabis community as one of the most traditional ways to smoke.


In the modern cannabis market, rolling papers aren’t just found in dispensaries or head shops. Most American gas stations feature multiple brands of rolling paper.


Rolling enthusiasts can utilize tin weed rolling trays as an accessory to roll more efficiently. Keeping your papers, flower, and grinder on a single tray makes things more organized and more comfortable to clean up. 


Tin rolling trays aren’t just for rolling papers. Blunts have become an increasingly popular way to roll and enjoy cannabis. With a wide range of tobacco and hemp wraps available, papers and wraps are equally as prominent.


Before we highlight unique rolling tray products from jinyu Wholesale, let’s breakdown tray sizes.

The rolling tray inventory that MJ Wholesale offers make it simple to navigate different tray sizes with the following categories: 

· Large Rolling Trays --34*27.5cm

· Medium Rolling Trays--27*16*2.5cm

· Small Rolling Trays--18*14*1.5cm


Large trays are great for social gatherings or parties where multiple people may be rolling with increased flower and rolling accessories. For personal use, a medium or small tray is recommended. 


Itinbox provides smoke rolling tray wholesale service to dispensaries and headshops, or personal customers. The low wholesale pricing on MJ Wholesale’s rolling trays makes these products in your dispensary or head shop inventory an easy and profitable task.


The wide selection of designs and sizes you can choose from makes our line of rolling trays unique. Through MJ Wholesale’s inventory, you can rep your favorite paper brands such as Raw or explore other pop culture designs.


Complementing your rolling tray purchase with accessories like MJ Wholesale’s Bucket Ashtray will help you facilitate everything you need for organized rolling and easy cleanup.


Are Rolling Trays Necessary?

Adding a rolling tray to your arsenal simplifies the rolling process. For people who consider rolling to be their preferred method of smoking, rolling trays come highly recommended.


Rolling can get messy. Using a rolling tray keeps everything contained and can visually enhance your rolling experience with unique designs.


Featuring a variety of custom designs rolling trays can be a way to attract customers and spice up the aesthetics of your head shop or dispensary inventory. Consider adding complimentary rolling products such as Raw rolling machines.


Say goodbye to grinding and spreading your cannabis on uneven or inconvenient surfaces that create the potential for wasted product and laborious cleanup.


Itinbox is proud to be at the top of their game when it comes to providing unique rolling tray products to optimize the process of rolling the perfect joint or blunt.


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