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Why does tinplate packaging become the first choice of the packaging industry

Why does tinplate packaging become the first choice of the packaging industry

Jul 03, 2023

Tinplate box packaging applications are becoming more and more widespread, and the tinplate box packaging products we see in our lives are cosmetic tin boxes, tea metal tin boxes, gift tin boxes, pharmaceutical tinboxes and so on. It can be said that tin box packaging has penetrated into every aspect of people's daily life and work.


Currently on the market food tin can packaging material is mainly tinplate material, but according to the different production processes, food tinplate boxes can be broadly divided into two categories. One is welded cans, and one is miscellaneous cans. Simply put, welded cans can be directly loaded with liquid, such as milk powder cans, Red Bull cans, paint buckets and so on. Miscellaneous cans are commonly found in daily life such as tea cans, moon cake cans, cookie metal tin boxes, gift tin boxes and so on. Whether it is welded cans or miscellaneous cans, can be said to be safe and non-toxic, will not affect the quality of internal products.


Round metal tin can has barrier, resistance, moisture resistance, shading, fragrance retention, sealing reliability, compared with any other materials, and can protect the product well. Metal material printing performance is good, the logo is bright and beautiful, the production of packaging containers striking, is an excellent sales packaging. Metal containers can be made into various shapes according to different requirements, and can meet the packaging requirements of various products.


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