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Why is tin box preferred for tea packaging

Why is tin box preferred for tea packaging

Jun 29, 2023

In recent years, with the change and improvement of people's consumption demand and consumption level, not only for tea, but also for tea packaging requirements have changed a lot. From paper boxes, wooden boxes, plastic boxes to tin boxes, all kinds of material packaging, of which tin boxes have become the first choice for tea packaging.


The so-called tin box, as the name suggests, is a tea tin box packaging, and tinplate is the surface of across tin, to play a protective role. Compared with other materials, tin boxes are more widely used, such as cookie tin boxes packaging, gift tin cans, wine tin cans and so on.


In addition to the diversity of the surface printing of the tin box, and there is a good gloss, more beautiful and high-grade. People like to use tin box packaging, but also because the compatible strength of the tin box is good, suitable for preservation.


What's the advantage of packing tea in tin boxes?

1. Good Closure

Tea is most afraid of being exposed to air oxidation, so the first key to storage tea is to seal. The oxygen transmission rate of the airtight metal tin box is low, and it has good barrier property to the air, which can better protect the tea.


2. No light

Light is easy to cause the deterioration reaction of tea and the change of food quality, especially green tea is easy to deteriorate when it encounters light. The opaque tin box makes the retention rate of tea higher, in addition to keeping the tea original, even the color will not change.


3. Reduction of tin

The tea in the tin box will interact with the oxygen remaining in the container during filling, which is the reduction of tin. The reduction of tin can reduce the chance of oxidation of the nutrients of tea, so that the storage life of tea is extended.


The tin box can completely isolate the influence of environmental factors, avoid the qualitative change of tea because of light, oxygen, moisture, and will not make the aroma of tea become weak because of overflow or be polluted by other odors.


Perhaps it is because of these characteristics that are superior to other materials that the tin box has become the first choice for popular tea packaging.


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