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4 points to note for proofing tin boxes

4 points to note for proofing tin boxes

May 20, 2023

How to sample tin boxes is a must for food tin packaging, gift packaging, everyday goods packaging and other businesses in the selection process of tin box packaging. In the tin box proofing process, there are four important steps involving technical staff, machinery and equipment, material selection, process solutions, identification of hues, etc. So how can we proof tin box samples? Itinbox on the above five points for you to make a detailed introduction:

In the proofing process, it is very important that the sales, design, and machine operator positions work together. The salesperson needs to understand the customer's detailed requirements; the designer needs to develop a specific plan for the proofing according to the customer's requirements, while the machine operator needs to proof according to the proofing plan provided by the planner. If any one of the above links is wrong, it will lead to the failure of the iron box proofing, resulting in losses for the company and the customer.


Machine equipment is also an important part of the iron box-proofing process. In the iron box proofing process, there are more cases where the iron box is burst. Therefore, in order to save on the cost of iron boxes, it is important to pay attention to the state of the proofing machinery and equipment and to consider whether it can also be produced properly in mass production when the customer sets one that can be produced. Therefore, it is also important to stabilize and record the device parameters during the proofing process.


During the proofing process, the selection of many raw materials (e.g. tinplate, ink, relevant additives) is also involved. For instance, for inks, it is important to understand the drying properties of the ink, including its strong coloring and corrosion resistance, while the food tin box should have characteristics such as liveliness, moderate brightness, gloss, small colour differences, and no fading. If you do not understand the relevant properties of the ink, once the problem occurs, it will cause significant losses to the can manufacturer and the customer.


Identifying the shades, also one of the steps in tin box proofing, in addition to the attention in a certain environment, should also identify the shades of the finished product after proofing. As in box shades change in different environments, the shades will then change, so it is important to unify the color bars of the view with the client.


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