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Four steps help you test the quality of tea tin cans

Four steps help you test the quality of tea tin cans

Sep 20, 2023

With the popularization of tea culture, an increasing number of people began to pay attention to the quality of tea. As the "home" of tea, the quality of tea tin cans directly affects the quality of tea. So, how to test the quality of tea tin cans? In this article, we will unveil the secret of tea tin can quality testing from various angles, to help you store your favorite tea.


First, the view material: quality tea tin cans show quality

The main materials of metal tea tin can are tinplate, aluminum alloy and ceramics. Among them, tinplate has become the preferred material for tea tin cans because of its good sealing performance and oxidation resistance. The surface of high quality tea tin cans should be smooth and even, without obvious bumps, bubbles and granularity. In addition, the sealing performance of the bottom of the can should also be observed to ensure that the tea leaves are not damp and oxidized.


Second, the design of the product: unique tea tin cans to achieve classic

A quality tea tin can should not only have high-quality materials, but also have an original design. When shopping for custom design tea tin can, you can focus on the following points:

1. modeling: the shape of high-quality tea tin cans should complement the tea, reflecting the cultural connotation of tea, but also has a high aesthetic value.

2. Patterns: The patterns on the tea tin cans should be clear, vivid, and mean good luck, in line with the characteristics of tea.

3. Color: The color of tea tin cans should be coordinated with the tea, giving people a comfortable and harmonious feeling.


Third, explore the process: exquisite craftsmanship to achieve the quality assurance of tea tin cans

1. Can body process: quality tea tin can body should use seamless welding technology to ensure the sealing performance of the can body. In addition, we should also pay attention to the grinding treatment of the weld, smooth and flat weld is conducive to improve the aesthetics of the tea tin cans.

2. Sealing performance: the sealing performance of tea tin cans is a key indicator for evaluating its quality. High-quality tea tin cans should have good sealing performance to ensure that the tea is not damp and oxidized.

3. Surface treatment: the surface treatment of high quality tea tin cans should be even, smooth, without obvious flaws and defects.


Fourth, choose the brand: trust a well-known brand, for the protection of tea

Choose a well-known brand of tea tin can manufacturer, you can reduce the risk of buying poor quality products. Well-known brands often have a high degree of credibility and reputation, product quality and after-sales service are guaranteed.


High-quality tea tin cans should have high-quality materials, ingenious design, exquisite craftsmanship and well-known brand guarantee. Only by choosing the preferred tea tin can the flavor of tea be fully realized and bring more beauty to our life.


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