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How to customize a proper gift tin box?

How to customize a proper gift tin box?

Sep 21, 2023

With the continuous development of social and economic development, people's quality of life gradually improve, the pursuit of gifts is also higher and higher. In this era of focusing on personalization, customized gift tin box has become a major trend in the gift market. So, how to choose a suitable customized gift tin box? This article will discuss in detail from the following aspects.


First, the design of the gift tin box

1. Uniqueness

A gift tin box with unique design can quickly attract consumers' attention. Uniqueness is not only reflected in the shape, color, pattern and other aspects, but also through creative copywriting, label design and other means to achieve. For example, a tea brand customized a "Tea Horse Road" as the theme of the tea tin box packaging, cleverly combining the brand story with history and culture, unforgettable.

2. Brand image

As part of the brand image, the design style of the gift tin box should be consistent with the brand image. This can be achieved by using elements in the brand's visual identity system (VI), such as logo, standard colors, auxiliary graphics, etc. For example, a red wine brand customized a tin box with a vineyard scenery as the background, which is closely linked to the brand image and enhances brand recognition.


Second, the material of gift tin box

1. Selection of material for the tin box

When customizing gift metal tin container, the material of tin box is an important consideration. Generally speaking, the material of tin box can be divided into tinplate, aluminum, plastic and so on. Among them, tinplate has the advantages of low cost, strong compression resistance, good sealing, etc., which is the main material of gift tin box.

2. Selection of auxiliary materials

In addition to the material of the tin box, the auxiliary material of the gift tin box is also a key factor. This includes lining, glue, ink and so on. The lining material should have certain cushioning properties to protect the safety of the gift; glue should be selected environmentally friendly to avoid contamination of the gift; ink requires wear-resistant, strong adhesion to ensure the durability of the printing effect.


Third, the customization process of gift tin box

1. Design

According to the brand image and the characteristics of the gift, design a suitable gift tin box. This requires designers with rich experience, can accurately grasp the needs of customers, will be creative and practical combination.

2. Proofing

After the design program is determined, make the sample of the gift tin box. The sample should fully reflect the design effect, including shape, color, texture and so on. Confirmation through the sample can avoid errors in the mass production process.

3. Production

After the sample is confirmed, mass production is carried out. During the production process, the quality should be strictly controlled to ensure that the size, shape and color of the gift tin box meet the design requirements.

4. Inspection

After the production is completed, the gift tin box will be inspected. This includes surface quality, structural strength, sealing performance and other aspects of the inspection. Only qualified gift tin box can be delivered to customers.


In short, customized gift tin box is a systematic project, which requires strict control of multiple links. Only in this way can we create a gift tin box with uniqueness and in line with the brand image, thus enhancing the value of gifts and customer loyalty.


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