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How to design a best-selling tin box

How to design a best-selling tin box

Jul 21, 2023

The packaging design of the tin box directly affects the quantity of products sold and the popularity of the products. Therefore, it is very important that the product is beautifully packaged. Custom printed tin box design is a complex process that requires designers to balance many very specific requirements and blend them together to make a finished product. It can require a great deal of design iteration, but to help our clients solve problems in a timely manner, we have listed some suggestions that contain important rules for personalized tin box packaging designs. Follow us for a brief understanding of it!


1. Position the user

Regardless of your audience demographics, this is probably the key point you need to keep in mind, whether the colour combinations and wording are in line with your target market. If you're selling children's confectionery, make sure the packaging is designed to address parent and child preferences and safety factors! Packaging for children tends to be bright and colourful, with soft bubble-writing fonts.


2. Keep the packaging simple and give it personality.

Do not use too many colors on the product packaging, too many conflicting fonts, and do not over-saturate the printed word. On the contrary, less is more, simple and clear colour and text is more attractive. In short, colors and text should not cause confusion about the appearance of the packaging. If the packaging is too complex, it will be difficult for the target customer to understand the meaning and purpose of the product. When passing through the product, the potential customer can visualize the contents of the packaging without having to pick up the product and examine it thoroughly; clarity should be ensured across the entire surface. In addition, due to the existence of similar products, unless it is a true niche product, it is important to make unique designs tin boxes to make identify and distinguish, and unique performance to make you stand out in the fierce competition.


The above is the tinplate box editorial about the packaging design principles of the tin box, you can learn more about it.


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