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Tin box production process

Tin box production process

Jul 25, 2023

In today's life, iron boxes and tin cans have become a ubiquitous and inseparable part of our lives. Chinese New Year gift metal tin boxes, moon cake tin boxes, tobacco and alcohol tin boxes, cosmetics, food, daily necessities and other high-grade products will also be packaged with tin boxes and cans. Looking at these boxes and cans made as exquisite as handicrafts, we can't help but ask how these boxes and cans are produced. The following is a detailed introduction to the manufacturing process of tin cans by JINYU Metal Can Co., LTD.


First, the overall design

Any product, especially packaging products, appearance design is its soul. Any packaging product, not only for the maximum protection of the content of the packaging, but also in the appearance of enough to attract the attention of customers, for custom printed tin boxes, design drawings can be provided by customers, can also be designed by the tank factory according to customer requirements.


Second, prepare tin material

The general production material of tin boxes and cans is tinplate, that is, tin plated steel sheet, and the content and specifications of tin plated material should meet the quality requirements of the "National Tin Plated Steel Sheet" (GB2520). Generally, after confirming the order, the most suitable tin material variety, size, etc. will be ordered according to the near layout diagram, and the tin material is usually stored directly in the printing plant.


Three, mold proofing

Mold room according to the design drawings to make product mold, sent to the production department to test mold production samples, if not qualified to continue to repair mold until the sample is correct and then mass production.


Four, typesetting and printing

It should be noted here that the printing of tin and other packaging printing is not the same, not the first cut after printing, but the first print after cutting. Film and layout drawings are printed to the printing plant after the printing plant to arrange the printing, usually will provide the template to the printing plant with color, in the printing process to pay attention to whether the printing color to keep up with the template, whether the set is accurate, whether there are stains, whether there are scars and so on. These problems are generally responsible for the printing house can control themselves.


Five, tinplate cutting

The printed tin material can be cut on the cutting lathe. In the process of making a can, cutting is a relatively simple link.


Six, stamping:

That is, the tin material is pressed into shape in the punching press, which is the most important part of the canning process, usually a can can be divided into multiple processes to complete.


Seven, packaging:

Once the stamping is done, it's time for the finishing touches. The packaging department is responsible for cleaning and assembling, bagging and packing.


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