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Tips For Selecting Quality Food Tin Cans

Tips For Selecting Quality Food Tin Cans

Aug 22, 2023

Anhui Jinyu Can Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in tinplate packaging products design, production and sales, the main products are: Pharmaceutical tin box, health care tin box, cosmetics tin box, food tin box, metal tea tin box, agricultural and sideline products tin box, Guanyin cake tin box, tobacco and alcohol tin box, gift tin box, home clothing tin box.


Here, the technical director of the metal tin box manufacturer would like to explain some tips for selecting food cans with the majority of friends.

Under normal circumstances, we can judge whether the quality of food cans and other aspects meet the relevant standards from the following four aspects:


1. The standard of the main view surface: the standard tin box can observe the outer surface, and the way to operate is to place the tin box directly in front of and below the sun.


2. The standard of the main part: the surface of the tin box should reflect the pattern, text, marks and bar codes to be expressed in the main body of the tin box.


3. Whether there is a scratch standard: the printing surface of the food metal tin box is not greater than 0.3mm*20mm, and there is no tin scratch mark.


4. Non-main viewing surface standard: the surface of the tin box other than the main viewing surface, such as the back, side, bottom, inner surface, etc., should also meet the standard.


The content described above is very important, and it is also an important means of judging whether the tin box can meet the standard. Of course, in addition to judging the surface of the tin box, we also need to judge the air tightness of the tin box, the leakage caused by trachoma, whether the printing is correct and complete, whether the welding is symmetrical and so on.

The above is the main content that the technical director of the tin box manufacturer wants to explain, and the reasons for choosing us:


Cost-effective to be competitive

Physical factory, well-equipped, professional quality and super flat ex-factory price are the core competitiveness of our company.


Make high quality food cans

Professional management team and advanced production equipment are our strong guarantee of quality products, sincerely welcome field visits.


One-stop service customers: rest assured, worry free, comfortable

From design, production, post-processing, to home delivery we implement one-stop service; Cooperate with you sincerely to create a win-win situation.


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