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  • 4 strengths of tea tin cans
    May 11, 2023
         Tea is one of the traditional beverages in China and one of the most popular beverages in the world. The market demand for tea is very large, with extensive demand not only in the domestic market but also in the international market. According to statistics, China's tea production and export volume occupies an important position in the global tea market. Therefore, tea tin cans have many advantages as a quality choice for tea packaging.        First of all, tea tin boxes effectively protect the freshness of tea leaves. Tea tin cans are strongly sealed, which can prevent tea leaves from contacting air and moisture, thus avoiding tea deterioration and quality degradation. Meanwhile, tea tin cans can also protect tea leaves from pests and mold effectively, so that tea leaves are always kept dry and fresh        In addition, the appearance of tea tin canister is graceful and elegant, which can enhance the grade and added value of tea. The appearance of tea tin cans could be customized according to different needs and could be designed into various shapes, colors, and patterns so as to meet the personalized needs of different customers. This personalized design can not only increase the sales volume of teas, but also increase the brand loyalty of customers.        Third, the tea tin can is an environmentally friendly packaging material. It can be recycled, saving resources and costs, and avoiding waste and environmental pollution, in line with modern people's pursuit of environmental protection.        Finally, the tea tin cans are well sealed, which can prevent the tea from being contaminated by the outside world, thus extending the shelf life of the tea. This is very important for tea producers and can reduce the loss and cost of tea.        In short, tea tin cans as a quality choice for tea packaging, with a wide range of benefits such as protecting the freshness of tea, beautiful appearance, environmental protection, and improving shelf life.                            
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  • How important of tin box and tin can to tea and coffee packaging?
    Mar 03, 2023
         As we know tea and coffee are the most popular drinking all over the world, they have a very long history, nowadays, with the huge demand, tea and coffee business is growing very fast, so how to choose a good packaging become a very hot topic.      Traditionally people like to use paper box or glass can as packaging, but ther are easy to broken compared to metal tin box packaging, as we know tea and coffee need to be stored a long time, so the environment of light blocking, moisture proof, odor proof, and oxidation proof is very necessary, due to the tinplate material and special sealed structure, coffee metal tin can and metal tea tin box can not only bring good airtight and waterproof effect, but also its very durable and recycleable, thats very environmental.      Besides these, there is also another big advantage for tea tin box and coffee tin can is that they can be customized with any logo, pattern or embossment, good designs make packaging look more luxury and attractive, also make tea or coffee products more valueable. 
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