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  • 5 Tips to Help You Find Reliable Coffee Tin Can Packaging Factory
    Oct 16, 2023
    Finding quality coffee tin can factory in China can be a challenging task for foreign customers. Here are some suggestions and steps to help you find best coffee tin can manufacturers in China     1. Do market research Before looking for a coffee tin can manufacturer, you need to have a good understanding of the Chinese market. This includes understanding the current status of the Chinese coffee market, consumer preferences and industry trends. In addition, you should also understand the types of metal coffee tin box, design and production process. Through market research, customers can better determine their needs and find the right coffee tin can manufacturer.   2. Use of network resources Internet is an important channel to find China coffee tin factory. You can find a large number of potential suppliers through channels such as search engines, B2B platforms and social media. In addition, you can also participate in online and offline industry exhibitions to get the latest product information and supplier resources. As a professional coffee tin can packaging supplier, Itinbox® will participate in a variety of exhibitions every year, looking forward to your visit, let's meet face to face!   3. Focus on quality rather than price Although price is an important factor for customers to choose suppliers, excessive pursuit of low price may lead to poor product quality. Therefore, when choosing coffee tin can manufacturers, customers should pay attention to the manufacturers' quality management system, production equipment and process level, as well as the environmental performance of the products. Only by ensuring the quality of the products can we meet the consumers' demand for coffee bean tin container.      4. Understanding supplier services and support Quality coffee tin can manufacturers usually provide a series of services and support to help you successfully complete your order. These services include product design, sample making, production planning, quality control, logistics arrangement and so on. When choosing a supplier, customers should understand the manufacturer's service and support capabilities to ensure that their needs are fully met.   5. Focus on communication and trust Due to language and cultural differences, you may encounter some difficulties in communicating with China coffee tin can manufacturers. Therefore, for custom design coffee tin canister order, factory should find a business team with good English communication skills, professional knowledge and industry experience. At the same time, customers also need to build trust in the manufacturer and ensure that the manufacturer can produce high-quality coffee tin cans according to the requirements through on-site inspection and sample testing.     In conclusion, it is not easy to find quality coffee tin can manufacturers in China, but by following the above suggestions, you will be able to find the right partner. Welcome to choose Itinbox®  which will provide you with a full set of services including coffee cans design, production, packaging, shipping and so on.
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  • Explore the mysteries of the tin box production process
    Sep 13, 2023
    In our daily life, we can always see various kinds of tin boxes, which are either used for packing food and medicine, or for storing tools and parts. However, we know little about the production process of tin boxes. Today, we will lead you into the world of tin box, in-depth exploration of the mystery of the production process of tin box, to appreciate the perfect combination of technology and art.   First, the choice of raw materials for the production of tin box   The raw material for tin box production is mainly tinplate, which is divided into rolled sheet and hot -rolled sheet. Among them, cold rolled plate has high precision, good surface finish, excellent processing performance and other characteristics, widely used in metal tin box packaging. Take our country as an example, the cold rolled plate market has been maintaining stable growth, which also provides sufficient raw material guarantee for the production of tin box.   Second, the process of tin box production   Tin box production process mainly includes design, plate making, printing, molding, welding, surface treatment and so on. Among them, design is the key to the production of tin box, which determines the appearance and performance of custom printed tin box. Plate making and printing is the process of printing the designed pattern and text onto the tin. The molding process is to process the tin into tin box through various molding equipments. Welding and surface treatment is to strengthen and beautify the tin box.   Third, the environmental issues of tin box production   In the process of tin box production, printing and surface treatment links will produce a certain degree of wastewater, waste gas and solid waste. In order to protect the environment, tin box production enterprises need to properly handle these wastes. At present, China has introduced a series of environmental protection policies to encourage enterprises to adopt environmentally friendly production processes to reduce waste emissions.   Fourth, the trend of intelligence in the production of tin box   With the development of science and technology, the tin box factory production process is also gradually realized intelligent. For example, the use of robots for welding and handling, the use of CNC equipment for molding and printing. These intelligent equipment can not only improve production efficiency, but also ensure the stability of product quality.   In a nutshell, the process of tin box production is both a technology and an art. In this process, we can both see the power of technology and feel the charm of design. With the development of society, the tin box production process will continue to develop in the direction of intelligence and green, bringing more convenience and surprise to people's lives. I hope that this article can trigger your attention and thinking about the production process of the tin box, let us look forward to the bright future of the tin box industry.    
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  • How do you use empty tins?
    Aug 15, 2023
    Empty tins can be repurposed and used in several creative ways. Here are some ideas:   1. Storage containers: Use empty tins to store small items like buttons, pins, paperclips, or craft supplies. They are especially useful for organizing small items that may easily get lost.   2. Gift metal tin packaging: You can reuse the tin to package small gifts. Wrap the tin with decorative paper or fabric, add a ribbon or bow, and your gift will have a unique presentation.   3. Kitchen organization: Tins can be used to store kitchen utensils or small gadgets like measuring spoons or cake decorating tools. They keep everything in one place and prevent clutter.   4. Travel containers: If you have small items like jewelry, medications, or toiletries, these tins can be used as travel containers. They are sturdy, compact, and easy to carry in a bag or suitcase.   5. Mini planters: With a little creativity, clean and empty tins can be turned into mini planters. Make sure to add drainage holes at the bottom and fill them with soil and a small plant or succulent.   6. Donation charity tin boxes: Decorate the tin and turn it into a donation box for charity. You can collect spare change, small donations, or even use it as a collection box for specific causes.   Remember to thoroughly wash the empty cookie tin boxes before using them for any of these purposes. Upcycling them not only reduces waste but also provides functional and decorative solutions for everyday use.         
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  • How to Store Matcha?
    Aug 03, 2023
    For example, Chiki Tea’s matcha is packaged at the source in specially-engineered airtight tin box packaging and flushed with nitrogen to eliminate oxygen oxidation and to keep the tea fresh until it is opened. In addition, a further barrier is affixed to the lid to absorb the oxygen after opening.   Gently open the tea metal tin canister over a sink as the matcha will “smoke” and leave a small residue floating in the air.   Once the matcha is opened, it’s time to start daily whisking because matcha does not age gracefully! Don’t be tempted to save it as long as you can because of the cost. The best flavors and aromas will be within the first three weeks if stored properly so that air is kept to an absolute minimum. Matcha should be kept in the fridge, optimally in the airtight canister, it has been packaged in and used within 3 weeks for the freshest taste, aroma, and color.   To use, take the matcha out of the fridge and wipe off any condensation. Have your tools out and ready, your preparation bowl and chasen heated, and then open the matcha metal tin canister, scoop out the desired amount, and quickly close the lid. Oxygen and moisture are the biggest factors in deteriorating all Japanese tea but especially matcha, due to the particle size.   Unopened matcha can be stored in the freezer for a year or longer but when it’s opened, promote it to the fridge and consume it quickly. It is possible to extend the freshness of the opened matcha by placing it in the freezer; however, because condensation is a matcha killer, the container needs to be wiped and left for a few minutes to stop the condensation buildup before opening. This is ideal if your 100g canister takes longer than a month to consume.          
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  • How important of tin box and tin can to tea and coffee packaging?
    Mar 03, 2023
         As we know tea and coffee are the most popular drinking all over the world, they have a very long history, nowadays, with the huge demand, tea and coffee business is growing very fast, so how to choose a good packaging become a very hot topic.      Traditionally people like to use paper box or glass can as packaging, but ther are easy to broken compared to metal tin box packaging, as we know tea and coffee need to be stored a long time, so the environment of light blocking, moisture proof, odor proof, and oxidation proof is very necessary, due to the tinplate material and special sealed structure, coffee metal tin can and metal tea tin box can not only bring good airtight and waterproof effect, but also its very durable and recycleable, thats very environmental.      Besides these, there is also another big advantage for tea tin box and coffee tin can is that they can be customized with any logo, pattern or embossment, good designs make packaging look more luxury and attractive, also make tea or coffee products more valueable. 
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