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What are the advantages of biscuits packed in tin boxes?

What are the advantages of biscuits packed in tin boxes?

Aug 07, 2023

Biscuits are one of the more common leisure foods in our daily life. Not only are there many kinds, but the taste is also very rich. Very popular with consumers. With the increase in demand for biscuits, the market competition has also begun to be fierce. How to make their own biscuit products to attract consumers to buy, has become the most urgent problem solved by many enterprises. And packaging as one of the main factors of product competition, naturally began to be biscuit manufacturers attention.


First, the design of the biscuit tin box packaging full of sense

At present, the raw materials used in custom design tin box packaging is usually tinplate, tinplate excellent ductility can meet the biscuit packaging of various shapes design requirements. For example, tinplate biscuit tin box, square, rectangular, round, oval, shaped and so on. This special design of biscuit tin box can make a deep impression on consumers. It can highlight the personality and value of the biscuit, so that consumers have emotional resonance in the consumer psychology.


Second, the biscuit tin packaging highlights the quality grade

There are good and bad grades of products, and biscuits as FMCG products are even more so. Common biscuit packaging has plastic film, waxed paper wrapping, carton packaging, which can reflect the biscuits of low, medium and high-end positioning. Consumers judge the grade of biscuits not only from their brand awareness. The first impression of biscuit packaging design is also an important reference for consumers to judge the grade of biscuits. Biscuit tin box packaging is beautiful and upscale to use, whether it is a gift or in sales, can enhance the taste.


Third, the tin box packaging for biscuits play an excellent protective effect

Biscuit tin box we usually use plastic or other materials to process a variety of slot-shaped film tray, lightweight, beautiful, so that the neatly arranged biscuits are not easy to break. This external tin box, internal tray, sealing is very good. Tin box packaging can be more than paper packaging or plastic packaging to maintain the items. Tin box packaging hardness is relatively large, can effectively protect the product inside, and convenient and easy to transport, not easy to break. Compared with paper or plastic packaging has more advantages, which is also other material packaging can not do.


Fourth, the biscuit tin box is environmentally friendly, green safety packaging products

Formal biscuit tin box manufacturers, in the production of biscuit tin box, will be in tinplate printing is coated with environmentally friendly food-grade gold oil, dedicated to food packaging. Outside using four-colour or Pantone printing, not only colour is bright, but also play a role in preventing rust, is a green and healthy packaging. Tin box packaging can be recycled, recycling interest is also high, can play a role in reducing the waste of packaging resources, to protect the environment to make a contribution.


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