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Why tea packaging is preferred to the tin box?

Why tea packaging is preferred to the tin box?

Aug 27, 2023

Tea, as a traditional beverage, has a long history, many varieties, unique taste. And as the tea "coat" - packaging, is more important. A good tea packaging, not only can enhance the taste of tea, but also to extend the shelf life of tea. In many packaging materials, tin box has become the first choice of tea packaging, why?


Firstly, the custom design tea tin box has excellent moisture resistance. Tea is an extremely sensitive item, and the need for moisture is extremely strict. Excessive moisture will make the tea deteriorate, produce odour and affect the taste. The metal tea box has good sealing performance, can effectively prevent the tea from moisture, to ensure the quality of tea.


Secondly, the tea tin can packaging has strong antioxidant properties. Tea contains a large number of antioxidant substances, and these substances have great benefits for human health. However, these substances are easily oxidised when they come into contact with the air, thus reducing the nutritional value of tea. Tin box can effectively prevent the oxidation of tea leaves and maintain the nutritional content of tea leaves.


Furthermore, tea metal tin boxes have a long shelf life. Compared to packaging made of other materials,tin can have a longer service life, can be used repeatedly, and will not produce any chemical reaction to the tea. This greatly improves the shelf life of the tea and makes the tea taste better.


In addition, the environmental performance of the tin box is also an important reason why it has become the first choice for tea packaging. Tin box can be recycled, will not produce environmental pollution, in line with China's green policy.


These are the reasons why tea packaging is preferred to tin can. The advantages of tin box such as moisture-proof, antioxidant, long shelf life and environmental protection make it an ideal choice for tea packaging. In the future, with the development of science and technology, the packaging technology of tin box will also become more and more advanced, I believe that the status of tin can in tea packaging will be more solid.


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